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Pinoy Film Synopsis

Kara (Barbie Forteza), George (Bea Binene), and Enzo (Elmo Magalona) are 3 best friends who have been constantly been bullied at school and nicknamed the Imba Trio. On the night of the school dance Enzo gets carried out of the dance by Maximo (Derick Monasterio) and his crew because he accidentally bumped into Chloe (Lexi Fernandez) while dancing. And while Kara and George try to help him they also get dumped in the trash along with Enzo and are helped by Christian (Alden Richards) and Diego (Kristofer Martin). After the prom the 3 decide to make a list to do that help them be popular so they won't get bullied and pranked anymore by the date of the prom, and they make the list a dare.

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Pinoy Film Synopsis

Four young ladies from different social backgrounds and each for their own various reasons, enlists in the fictional "Miss Manila Sunshine Supermodel Search". The first of which is Virginia P. (Heart Evangelista), a college student who entered the contest in order to earn independence from her family. Next is spoiled, rich socialite, Serafina F. (Lovi Poe), whose every whim is attended to by her maid Nympha (Rufa Mae Quinto), learned of the contest when fliers dropped from a helicopter interrupts her sunbathing at the family pool and out of sheer vanity decided to sign up.Thirdly, Pura K. (Solenn Heussaff), who saw the pageant's TV spot, is a social climber who decided to join the contest out of her frustrations over her current situation. Rounding up the group is Christina G. (Marian Rivera) a con-artist who plans to rig the contest by using her and her boyfriend's sexuality to influence the judges into voting for her. The ladies later became the finalists for the competition.They will be observed for one whole month by the board of judges starting with the yachting cruise. As fate would have it, a fire breaks out in the yacht. The occupants jump overboard for safety. The four lovely ladies end up in a desert island devoid of potable water, food, and shelter. Five other people also share their misfortune as castaways. Joshua (John Lapus) is the gay coordinator of the beauty contest. Ricardo (Mikael Daez) is the current flame of Joshua. Stowaway Alfred (Aljur Abrenica) is an ardent admirer of Virginia. Umberto (Tom Rodriguez) is a hunky cruise ship waiter. Nympha (Rufa Mae Quinto) is the loyal maid of Serafina. Their interactions with the finalists spell out who will survive and who will not survive the horrendous ordeal. The castaways get to throw away their petty quarrels, biases, material riches, and even their panties just to survive the horrendous ordeal.

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Pinoy Film Synopsis

A simple yet dedicated social worker, Roan Sanchez is in search of the ideal man she has been dreaming of.At their organization's 10th anniversary, she meets the dashing Erick Rodriguez, the president's only son, and is immediately attracted to him. But despite his charm and good looks, Roan is surprised to find out he is actually arrogant and spoiled. Despite her ill feelings towards him, Roan is asked by the President to supervise Erick in an immersion trip to one of their communities.As they work together, they start to see each other's vulnerabilities and true selves. Erick and Roan learn to adjust to each other and begin to fall in love. But after the immersion, they are faced with the reality that they are from two different worlds. Can the love between Erick and Roan stand the pressure and problems they

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Pinoy Film Synopsis

“After they tie the knot, newlyweds Grace (Cristine Reyes) and Ronnie (Carlo Aquino) inherit a run-down condominium unit from the unexpected death of Ronnie’s dad under eerie circumstances. The building stands right at the center of the crossroads of three streets, an unlucky location referred to as “Tumbok”. Such a place is believed by the superstitious to gather negative spiritual energy and bring bad fortune to all who dare to live there. Not long after moving in, Grace begins to sense something strange about the place and those who also live there. More horrible than the inexplicable things she is witnessing, is the abuse she begins to experience nightly in her dreams. Disturbed, terrified and pregnant with child, Grace must somehow try to uncover the secret behind all the dread misfortunes they are experiencing before it is too late and they cannot escape from the place of horror they now call home.”