Why Download with Torrent and Not with Mediafire?

I guess some of you guys are looking for mediafire links to download filipino films here in my blog eh? There are alot of downside when downloading in mediafire. Here are some reasons why I have changed my links to torrent instead of using some file storage hosting.

  • Files are Deleted Due to Copyright
  • Many movie files are being deleted in Mediafire because of copyright infringement. Come on! What I give you here are pirated files. On my side, it is very tiring to upload files with very large volume again and again if the files are being deleted. To avoid deletion of files, I have decided to switch to Torrent to bring you the latest releases of your most awaited movie.
  • Avoid Multi Links and Multi Downloads
  • Multi links are not good. Again, files in mediafire are being deleted and you dont want incomplete parts of the movie you want to watch. That is hassle! With torrent, you can assure that your movie file will be downloaded completely and in just a single link. You will have no worries that the film you want has some files missing.
  • Less Hassle in Downloading
  • Forget about the Link#1 link#2 link#3. With torrent, you can download movie files without thinking about if the downloading is stopped or broken. Unlike movies that are broken into parts, downloading in torrent saves you time without clicking the part 1 part 2 and etc of the file you want.

So keep on seeding guys!