Step by Step Guide in Downloading Pinoy Movies!!

For those who are having some problems downloading filipino films here in my blog, here is the step by step instructions for you to follow:

1. Pick a tagalog movie you like to watch in your PC, tablet or in your Flatscreen! 

2. Download the torrent file. Wait 8 seconds and click "SKIP AD" at the top right button of your screen. This is where I get my earnings so be considerate 8 seconds won't hurt. Be thankful click some of my ads. :)

3. Open the Torrent file you have just downloaded and wait for the uTorrent client to download the movie for you. Depending on your internet connection speed and the file size of the movie it will take about 2-3 hours or more download time. Be patient!

5. Locate where is the destination folder you have chosen before the download. Have fun watching your downloaded pinoy movie! Why not recommend us to your friends and relatives especially abroad?

Be sure to have uTorrent installed on your computer to be able to
get the pinoy movie file after downloading this torrent.