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One More Chance is actually the underside of a romantic relationship. Early in the movie, we are introduced to the characters of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, who are sweethearts from way back when they were students at the University of Santo Tomas (there are actual shots of them at the school’s football field — with the main building in the background) up to the time they get to work in an architectural firm.

Bea shouldn’t have anything to complain about John Lloyd’s character. He is faithful, caring and responsible and diligent at work. He is practically Mr. Right — Mr. Perfect even. Trouble is, he is controlling and runs the relationship — even Bea’s life.

Feeling suffocated, Bea cries for independence, gets a life for herself and becomes her own person — her own woman. John Lloyd also moves on with his life and gets into another relationship (with Maja Salvador). But it is obvious that Bea and John Lloyd are still in love with each other. It is the tumultuous road to their reconciliation that makes the film very interesting till the very end.

Anyone who has gone through a breakup would be able to relate to the situations presented in One More Chance. I’ve never met Cathy Molina or any of the film’s two writers, Carmi Raymundo and Vanessa Valdez and absolutely have no idea with regard to their affairs of the heart, but I suspect that they must have incorporated into the movie some of their personal experiences and hurts (ouch!) because everything seems so real. Or they could have really done a very good research, which shouldn’t be difficult to do because in this life, most everyone has fallen in love and has suffered a broken heart. All these you see in One More Chance.

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