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An old man Lando (Ronnie Lazaro) has buried something under his house. When he is finished, he encounters a group of white people. The chieftain (Manu Respall) demands Lando to give back something that belongs to them which he refuses. Angered, he and his tribesmen savagely killed him.
Bikbok (Bugoy Carino) moved to an isolated town with his blind mother Isay (Maricar Reyes), his baby brother and his abusive stepfather Allan (Zanjoe Marudo) to survive poverty where Allan can take charge at the farm after his uncle Lando died earlier. The next day, Allan finds something under the house where he encounters an object that was buried by Lando earlier which reveals to be a crystal. At night, Bikbok watches outside until he notice the white creatures watching him and began blowing some dust on him. Bikbo manage to fend them off and return to the house as the creatures disappear.

Best friends Lucy (Kathryn Bernardo) and Shane (Louise delos Reyes) have their camping in a remote province for their report along with the other students. At night, Lucy notices that Shane is gone and decide to look for her. Meanwhile, Shane is at gate of the lighthouse with Bryan (Sam Concepcion). She wants to go inside which Bryan refuses since it is restricted. Lucy arrives and Shane convinces her to join at the lighthouse, which Lucy decided and agrees. They enter and began venturing the lighthouse until Lucy notice some mysteries in there. While Bryan was watching at the lighthouse, a teen arrive and tells him that it is restricted until he tells Bryan that who entered here. The girls reach the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the view until the teen tells them to go down because it is dangerous but Lucy and Shane doesn't believe him until the lighthouse was on. The teen runs to the lighthouse and tries to get them. At the top, the girls each saw two ghosts. They became horrified and decide to leave until the teen arrive, startling them and nearly fell at the lighthouse until he catches them but the two ghosts are walking towards them, causing the girls and the teen to fell at the lighthouse.

Rain Rain Go Away
During the wrath of Ondoy, Cynthia (Eugene Domingo) & her family began to leave when their house and their factory was flooded from the typhoon. After Cynthia and her husband Mar (Jay Manalo)'s anniversary plans were ruined, She began to have labor until Mar takes her to the hospital. When beginning to have labor, In the next day the news report in Marikina shows that the youth workers died at the factory after the typhoon stopped.

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